What is the official arrival and departure time?

If you are using a KCP arranged dormitory or homestay, do arrive at Tokyo Narita International Airport on the program start date before 3:30 PM. It is important you arrive before the said hour as our last group leaves for their housing at 5 PM sharp. Arriving at 3:30 PM allows for enough time to make it through customs, immigration, and to the airport pick-up location.With any arrivals after 3:30 PM, it maybe a challenge to get to the scheduled pick-up location in time for the last departure at 5 PM.

The program start date is the program arrival date. Keep an eye on the Schedule page for the latest information as dates and times are subject to change without notice.

For example, our 2020 Fall program shows a Beginning Date of October 5, 2020 and an Ending Date of December 23. In this case, you will want to arrive Japan time at Tokyo Narita before 3:30 PM (the earlier the better) on October 5. The Departure Date, or the date you leave your KCP arranged housing, is December 23. There are no school activities on that date. We recommend a late afternoon departure, as the day before students may have taken the final exam, and participated in a farewell party. A later flight allows the student to more casually finish packing, cleaning, and getting to the airport in time for their departure.


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