I have heard of a fee to transfer credits. What’s that for? If I don’t pay it, do the courses I take in Japan not count as credit?

No, that’s not the situation. After you complete our program successfully, our sponsor school will issue you a transcript. Usually the first transcript is free. Many schools want an “official” transcript. In order to receive an official transcript, you will have to request it from one of our sponsor schools. There is some paperwork required, and a nominal fee, usually $15–25, to have an official transcript sent to your home school. (If you want a KCP grade report, which some schools accept, you can request that directly from KCP.)

We have hosted hundreds of students from different universities and colleges in the U.S. and abroad who have not had any problems transferring credit if they apply through one of our sponsor schools. But each school is different. It is really up to your particular school to determine how the transfer credit will be evaluated. It’s similar to transferring from one college to another college or a community college to a university. The receiving school’s registrar will decide how and what is transferred.