I feel like KCP has really helped solidify knowledge that I already had.

Riyoko from 2014

Which events or activities did you find the most satisfying and why?

the various trips in the first two weeks were really great for meeting new people!

What were the most productive and interesting aspects of the program for you? The least interesting and productive?

The most productive was the intensive first 2 week group sessions. I feel like that was the right pace for what we were learning. But when we started into the proper Summer long term course, the pace became quite slow. I know it's so the information will become reinforced but it was quite frustrating at points. I feel like covering a lot more at a faster pace works well. Also It would've been nice to have more one on one conversations with the teachers were we were forced think and to use different grammar points depending on the situation, instead of going straight from the book and repeating exercises through rote learning. That said, I feel like KCP has really helped solidify knowledge that I already had. I've not really learned anything new here as such, but I'm definitely in a place where I now have a strong basis to learn a lot more than I could if I hadn't come. Also I think part of the strong foundation that KCP has given me comes from how fine tuned the teachers are. They pick on every slight mistake you make which really helped for me. Because I'm not doing this class for credit I could afford to lose marks and make mistakes, and learnt a lot from making slight errors in the exams and tests as I would never get away with being messy. So that really helped to create a strong grammatically correct basis with everything reinforced and such. It also meant that when I got a good mark in a test or got praised by a teacher I really felt like I deserved it which was always a nice feeling.

What activities or materials did you find most helpful (e.g., pair work, drill practice, tests, small group sessions, textbooks, games)?

Pair work, any opportunity to practice speaking, small group sessions.

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KCP is a great choice if you are looking to improve your Japanese language skills while experiencing everything Japan has to offer. The school will make sure that your experience is enjoyable, and they will do their best to accommodate to your needs. If you have never been to Japan and want to experience studying in this country I highly recommend KCP. They will give you the true ‘Japan school life experience.

—Manuel Casanova