Topic Ideas

We gladly welcome KCP or Japan-related essays, photos, videos, and reviews from students who experienced the KCP program. If you’d like to contribute but are stumped with what topic to focus on, here are several topic suggestions:


  • Coping with the jitters before studying abroad.
  • Top 3 things you should take with you when studying abroad in Tokyo.
  • How to pack in preparation for studying at KCP in Tokyo.
  • Your reasons to study abroad, particularly at KCP International.
  • How your family/friends helped you prepare for studying abroad at KCP.

KCP Campus and Program

  • Tour of the KCP facility such as the classrooms, student lounge, chashitsu.
  • An interview with a faculty or staff member.
  • Insights about the Tea Ceremony session.
  • Cooking and camaraderie in Cooking Class.
  • An instance and/or scenery during an excursion that you will never forget.
  • Study tips that helped you with lessons.
  • How a particular teacher encouraged you to reach your goals.
  • An inspiring/heartwarming moment with a fellow student, staff, or teacher.
  • How you enjoyed the Speech Contest, Sports Day, or another KCP activity.
  • How you balance study time and fun activities.


  • Sights to see while walking from the train station to KCP.
  • Your fave hangouts in Tokyo.
  • Local restaurants or convenience stores for affordable eats.
  • Activities or sites that you shouldn’t miss out on while in Tokyo.
  • A festival you attended and thoroughly enjoyed.


  • A grand tour of your dorm.
  • What a typical homestay life is like such as meal times, activities, etc.  (please get your host family’s consent prior to taking photos/videos of them/the lodging.)
  • Commuting to KCP from the dorm.
  • For those who have experienced both homestay and dorm options, how would you compare the two?
  • Your reasons for choosing to stay with a host family abroad.

In Hindsight

  • What it was like to study abroad at KCP.
  • How you will include your Japanese language and cultural experience in your future plans.
  • Your advice for future KCP participants.
  • What to bring home from Japan after you graduate.
  • New friends you made and how you stay in touch with them.
  • How you dealt with reverse culture shock.
  • The biggest challenge you faced while studying at KCP, and how you overcame it.
  • Your biggest regret, something you wish now that you did/did not do, while studying at KCP.
  • Your biggest reward brought about by your KCP experience.

If you have another topic in mind that’s not on the list, go ahead and use it. We’re excited to learn more about your KCP experience!

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KCP’s Summer (short) term program fit my personal schedule very well. It was also the most professional and affordable program that I could find. It also included a cultural aspect to its education program that I appreciated.

—Allison Hoisl