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All content has been taken from actual evaluations that former students completed at the end of the program. We hope these reviews will help answer your question regarding our intensive Japanese language program, and that the KCP student comments are useful to you in making an informed decision about applying. Enjoy — KCP Review!

I enjoyed the events and classes.

Damien from 2011

Being in class was always my most productive and fun times. It was a great environment to learn.

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I wanted to learn Japanese in a more intensive program.

Jil from 2012

The most productive part of the program was that the classes were held entirely in Japanese, and that my classmates mostly spoke little to no English, which forced me to really try to understand everyone around me.

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The classes and trips were fun and informative.

Daniel from 2012

The classes were very helpful, especially the group discussions and conversation work.

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The Kamakura trip with the culture class was the most satisfying.

Sylvia from 2012

In the culture class we were able to learn a lot about the different places we were going to visit.

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I would tell everyone thinking of attending KCP to jump in with both feet and go to Japan with an open mind. You never know what you’ll experience next!

—Brittany Crouch